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Links to Other Websites


These are links to some friends' websites

The Blog of Charles Daniels - Charles Daniels

Circle Limit - Noemi Glaser

Clay's Code - Clay Norris

Jeremy Day's Blog - Jeremy Day

Joshua Nelson's Blog - Joshua Nelson

Kelevra - Kevin Madison

The Spicy Stew - Kenny Johnson

Justin Baum's Personal Website - Justin Baum

Chariot Chaser - Philip Conrad's website

Andrew Zah - Andrew Zah's website

JRS Systems - Jim Salter's Blog

Hacker News - News for Hackers

Lobsters - Computing News for Lobsters

Free Software Foundation - The Free Software Foundation Website

GNU - The GNU Project's Website

EFF - The Electronic Frontier Foundation

OpenBSD - OpenBSD Website

From my college days

UofSC ACM Student Chapter Website - I brought this website back in 2019

The Carolina Band on Youtube - I was in this marching band from 2015 to 2018

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