Art of the (Computer) Machine!

Project 2 - Why aren't we all using free Software?


This is the remix that I made for this project.

Project Information

This was the second project in my MART380 class.


I made this to show people that using Free and Open Source Software isn't so bad, and that I believe that it is the way of the future.

I showed people using UNIX and Linux Systems in the video in both a personal and academic setting. I also included historical archived footage of some early IBM Mainframes to show how far we have come today, and also some footage from a Linux-fest to show that there is a vibrant hacker (good type of hacking where people tinker with their devices) community full of users.

How I made this

Like all of my other projects, I made this using completely Open Source Software. I found archived footage on, and took some Creative-commons liscensed arrangements of Stallman's Free Software Song and mixed them together to make my project.