Art of the (Computer) Machine!

Project 1 - What if the Matrix was real?

GIF Animation

This is the animation that I made for this project.

Project Information

This was the first project in my MART380 class.


I made this to show that there are certain aspects of modern daily life that are similar to being trapped inside of a simulation from the movie, The Matrix.

My point in this project is that we are surrounded by technology, and it is very easy to get caught up in all of that and ignore reality. I also believe that even though technology as we know it today has the capability of helping to improve the quality of life for many people, I have observed that many of the technologies that we use daily, whether it be the Windows Computer in the Library, or visiting a popular website like Facebook, seem to have a negative impact on their users' health and well-being both mentally and physically. I used the analogy of being essentially enslaved by our technology, or at the very least the manufacturers of it, and that we need to free ourselves from these cruel slavemasters of sorts, and start using the technology we have to actually help other people.

How I made this

Like all of my other projects, I ade this using completely Open Source Software. I took a picture from a location on Campus, and overlayed a video of my Matrix Rain Screensaver on top using the Openshot video editor. At this point, I was able to export all of the individual frames from this video and import them into GIMP to make them into a GIF file.