Art of the (Computer) Machine!

About Me

I am Brady O’Leary, a Senior Computer Science Major, graduating May 11th, 2019 from the University of South Carolina.

I write computer software, and have a proficiency in multiple programming languages. I also am a musician, whereas I played in the Carolina Band for 4 years, and write small compositions in the Linux MultiMedia Studio. My interests are largely in Computers and Music, as well as combining the two.

Eventually, this will become my personal website to show off not only my personal projects, but also will feature a blog, and a collection of links to other various websites around the internet.

Important Info about the Website

After I recieve the final grade for my MART380 class, this website will be re-arranged. Many of the projects will still be present, but any bookmarked links that you may make now will certainly be broken once I finish the final version of my personal website. In order to make sure that you can still access the content that you want to, such as my Projects 3 and 4, you should instead bookmark both the github links to those projects, and the root page, .