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I will be participating in the 3:00pm ceremony on May 11th, 2019.
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Project 1 - What if the Matrix was real?

What if the Matrix is real? What if all of humanity is living in a simulation? There are millions of related questions that we can ask ourselves related to these questions. While I don’t believe that we live in a simulation, as depicted in the popular move, The Matrix, I do believe that we have some elements of it in our daily lives.
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Project 2 - Why aren't we all using free Software?

Why aren't we all using Free and Open Source Software? Early Computers back in the 1950s to the 1970s often had the source code distributed with their programs, so why is it that we cannot continue this tradition? There certainly is a profound movement back into using free and open source software, which is getting better by the day, backed by an active software developer community.
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Project 3 - What if there was an Alternate Universe?

What if, in a world devoid of color, there was an alternate universe with splashes of color? How would you escape to this world?
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Project 4 - What if you can make music with just your hands?

What if you could make music just by waving your hands in front of a sensor?
This system makes music based on the position of your hands in front of a pair of ultrasonic sensors using pentationic scales.
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About Me

I am Brady O’Leary, a Senior Computer Science Major, graduating May 11th, 2019 from the University of South Carolina.
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About This Website

Information about this website.
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